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Poetry, tiny triumph and leisure time.

Take-home, sandwich and joining the game.

Anxious mother, looking for me and all OK.

Taster, pony and affirmation.

Bear paws, together and experience.

Tools, eating and tell me a story.

Question, worker and come back in.

Handover, clapping and going to bed.

Saying yes, clap and concern.

Bird spotting, soothing and poetry.

Easy lunch, expedition and the problem.

Breakfast time, not easy and chocolate.

Roll over, no waiting and an airing.

Ready for rain, workman and all settled in.

Gamer in waiting, discount and light behind.

Leaving early, lightening up and bull-headed man.

Squid, he's laughing and clap.

Highchair, in his imagination and as needed.

Shut the door, satisfactions and mango.

Left to our own devices, anatomy and boatlets.

Castle, too long and Tarzan retold.

Own feet, delayed and gait.

First day, observers and you're back.

Determined, coffee and cream and stilts.

No tech, winter pasture and in the mud.

Missing sticker, egging him on and the tree comes down.

Greed, lullabies and sitting up.

Mod cons, heart of the matter and mad science.

Knowledge, startled and a detail.

Dozing, draught and lavender.

Long sleep, job done and cheese.