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Merry-go-round, not the sea and lecture.

World of finance, escape and nap.

Feathers, napping down and no cull.

Pie, walk in the rain and lounger.

At the museum, no rest for the wicked and expert.

It's cricket, ice cream and treats.

Yorkshire puddings, out and coffee.

Taste, sticks and trying olives.

To do, my girl and chef's salad.

Leave the housework, racing back and money matters.

Physio, morris and poorly baby.

Nursery work, Dar-Alec and spoons.

Sacked, fizz and bubbles.

Boat race, hi-ho crow and incense.

Typing, pudding and getting things done.

Sleeper, care and languages.

Leaving early, mark of success and finishing conversations.

Our morning, sticky cakes and mystery picture.

Crossword puzzle, tumbling and a link.

Going through the woods, party and lost track of time.

Plans, feeling better and stocking up.

Granny time, no wind and my cake.

Rip, stove and colour mixing.

Cutting out, swings and sleep time.

Up, out and missed.

Christening, hug and another day.

Fighting talk, leftovers and future food.

Listening in, more please and wipe.

Out in the rain, still and taste.

Old games, hold her for me and don't need you.