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Ox bow, yellow submarine and whistler.

Porcelain, film and leave it for someone else.

Small person, men at work and joyous.

Mole rats, lost treasures and crowd.

Afternoon tea, cowshed and heels.

Nearly home, just made it and synchronicity.

Snap, meeting and sea views.

Watching for mother, swift Douglas and Newfoundland

Duvet man, userfriendly and old songs.

I owe you, anything might happen and chatting.

Ideas, textile and comradeship.

Twinkle, convenience food and gravy.

New baby, repairs and good neighbours.

Father, grandfather and bread.

Ten minute's grace, meeting point and stillness.

Carpool, office sounds and homeward bound.

Marmalade, going down and dark.

Well red, vicar's bicycle and boots.

Discovery, style guidance and stand still.

Wonderment, vocals and ready meal.

Knife, assistance and tunes.

Shoot the messenger, long view and local news.

Crumbs, computer whizz and snore.

Warm comfort, shadow play and steamed buns.

House in order, been here before and reflection.

Valued customer, little indie boys and one mind.

Letters, children's classic and still alive.

Biscuits, cranes and small things.

Lucky pills, hear no evil and Welsh myth.

Arrogance, praise and flying fish.