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Cat and mouse, corrections and crimson pig.

Don't say that, the king and party animal.

Open face, another thing to love and rope trick.

Keep moving, purple haze and fat pillows.

In a box, the rain has come and farce.

Blue shoes, invincible and desert.

The space, hanging and twice told tales.

Quietly, squirmer and gaggle of girls.

Adrenalin, the tribe and zip.

Bread or cake, just in time and pink flowers.

Myrmacology, pink and loaf.

Man about the house, fixing a hole and leisure time.

Little black pot, sofa and you're late.

Hats off, baby talk and castle of cards.

Conversation, lamb and cloths of heaven.

Flowers, hush-a-bye and red wine.

To the future, stripes and cake.

Fruit picking, future food and a writer's housemate.

Berries, sun and hunters.

Writer, green paint and mended.

Congregation, coloured glass and dress circle.

Sweet nothings, blue goo and demob happy.

Guru, coffee and food.

Chocolate, sibling and worship.

Mixed up, treed and shutting out.

White collars, chips and sweet gums.

Warm my hands, where's my key and fibres.

Self-respect, clack and runner.

Taskmistress, drinking club and madhouse.

Crunchy, cupboard love and in the hands of a master.