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Red rouge, blackberrying and pieman.

Unsung heroine, tea and in front of the telly.

We love the milkman, squall and felafel

Chin up, soup and broken bell.

Dates, lime and adventure stories.

Trading, better things to do and fire lighter.

What I will do, chowder and travelogue.

Hair brush, cricket and daylight tasks.

Painter, salt and poached eggs.

Funds, storm and ribbons.

Cucumber, after work and fascinator.

The drink, out of the sun and all together now.

Vanilla, let me out and the paper cutter.

The contract, wonder wire and the manuscript.

Kite, eavesdropping and send-off.

Cut out, aubergine and Nick laughs.

Milk, tomatoes and Dear Writer.

Family dispatches, signing on and the harvest.

Tea, dip and my dinner.

The pitch, writing life and sunflower.

Get out, new news and raspberries.

Enjoying the sun, ice cream and geisha.

Producer, plane flying over and Freecycle.

After the rain, needles and thread.

Card, other plans and falling in cords.

Wheat, big cats and turnips.

Stock response, children in the garden and a vision.

Castle, back in time and the moon.

Seeds, dinner in the oven and redbush.

Change, tidying and finding my jacket.

The report, a meeting and yellow dog.