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Strong women, my timer and mushroom.

Stop go, replacement and after supper.

Gamer, the station and Sister Justinia's parrot.

End of the line, hard carbon and the man behind the legend.

Grandmother, in pictures and Christmas cakes.

He came after all, the lover's gift and Doctor Who

Tea time, black hat and details.

Stop, gifts and fog.

Miraculous escape, a light and getting better.

Green box, unique selling point and bye bye.

Emergencies, gifts and dish.

Wake up, armed and eastern promise.

Compliments, a smile and retained heat.

You know the one, Santa baby and good in a crisis.

Housework, war wounds and shine.

Flowers, Christmas is coming and you know what I mean.

Red and green, small dog and printing.

Surface, off the hook and nut shells.

Tree at the top, outlined and coming home.

Bottled jewels, ten for a penny and a challenge.

A tray, not us and keeping warm.

Coffee, film and supplies.

Morale, art and a new skill.

Rolling, other worlds and the story continues.

Tiny flowers, what have I done and nothings.

Stickiness, in your own time and parcels.

Box, book and dinner.

Cats, bread and dog.

Thrift, we like cheese and choir.

Tiny cakes, a shop and the possibilities.

Dryshod, a pause and adventuring.

Duties, night smells and a winner.

Holding the baby, talking it over and warming up.

Spheres, getting better and a bit of fun.

Freedom, got you and a fairtale.

Eaten, first contact and us two.

Some space, no rush and alphabet.

Treat, staying warm and root vegetables.

Just us, sibs and decorations.

Bridge, dinner and see my face.

Back down, manners and pictures.

Warm woollens, it's new and wrapping my hands round.

Glass peacocks, waiting for tea and lady in a yellow dress.

Race, touch of magic and sweetcorn.

Catching the sun, my cake and essential oils.

Sugar, muffin and end of the day.

Layer cake, a stew and good advice

Move over, mothers' meeting and sitting room.

Conveyance, talk and envy.

The papers, our garden and this is where I go.

Honey, carp and words.

Anticipation, turning a corner, tea time and being a couple.

Grazers, digger and against the window.

Comforts, supplies and the film that has everything.

Shuffling, biscuits and warmth.

Cherries, foliage and now we're talking.

A happy month, end of the day and woolies.

Small touches, I don't need your help and orange.

Wardrobe by post, that has shown you and all by myself.

The morning after, cinema verite and our passion.

Home run, giddy and sweets.

A mission, the light and lanterns.

To do, monster in the woods and the game's afoot.

Red room, ready to eat and satin and leather.

New shoes, a kiss and it's growing.

That smells good, a meeting of minds and something to laugh about.

Fruit, come back and sitting together.

Window, this is me and very amusing.

Rime, a good scratch and hot feet.

Warming up, recordings and supper.

The castle, a sleep and co-ordination.

Decorations, look what I can do and a good match.

Mist, last of the sunny days and kitten.

Away you go, winding and a spooky tale.

Clothes parcel, traditional food and that's out of the way.

Jumping through hoops, all done and sound of pleasure.

Autumn leaves, come and see and this is how it's going to be.

A voice, people's palace and pudding.

Arms of Morpheus, love across the ocean and competition.

All's well, satisfaction and tight circles.

The light, autumn leaves and sweep.

Apple, waking dream and Chinese acrobats.

All in a cup, two's company and a phone call.

Kitchen miracle, and now for something completely different and a little order.

Art for real, streets of London and getting what I want.

Two of us, deep purple and on the turn.

Yes dear, splat and bookworm.

By phone, wild chickens and red white green.

Small treats, some grip and familiar face.

Baby talk, homecoming and where we will live.

Well sprung, marvellous and how am I doing?

Cat and mouse, corrections and crimson pig.

Don't say that, the king and party animal.

Open face, another thing to love and rope trick.

Keep moving, purple haze and fat pillows.

In a box, the rain has come and farce.

Blue shoes, invincible and desert.

The space, hanging and twice told tales.

Quietly, squirmer and gaggle of girls.

Adrenalin, the tribe and zip.

Bread or cake, just in time and pink flowers.

Myrmacology, pink and loaf.

Man about the house, fixing a hole and leisure time.

Little black pot, sofa and you're late.

Hats off, baby talk and castle of cards.

Conversation, lamb and cloths of heaven.

Flowers, hush-a-bye and red wine.

To the future, stripes and cake.

Fruit picking, future food and a writer's housemate.

Berries, sun and hunters.

Writer, green paint and mended.

Congregation, coloured glass and dress circle.

Sweet nothings, blue goo and demob happy.

Guru, coffee and food.

Chocolate, sibling and worship.

Mixed up, treed and shutting out.

White collars, chips and sweet gums.

Warm my hands, where's my key and fibres.

Self-respect, clack and runner.

Taskmistress, drinking club and madhouse.

Crunchy, cupboard love and in the hands of a master.

Face to voice, new person and white knight.

Signature, victory and shut out the light.

The return, the arrival and the count.

Fruit cup, dancing spawn and lines.

Quiet man, kit and time travellers.

Treasures of the east, the candle burns the string and flying.

Scarlet, it's happening and harvest.

What are you doing, fixing the news and ten little piggies.

Looking back, daily achievements and chocs.

Blue-grey, slow down and Indian food.

Bevvies, tea for me and channel hopping.

Wheels, two roses and teapot.

Exam fuel, breaking up and civilisation.

Stay dry, headgear and carving.

Falling water, snake and fish head.

Woodwork, cleanliness and radioactive badger.

Sparks, roots and starry night.

Green sticks, cords and shelter.

United, my room and fitting in.

Collecting eggs, tools and late supper.

Shoe mystery, collie and dreamer.

Hay bales, greeting and family life.

Morning after, book buyer and beans.

Marmite, pudding and cheek to cheek.

Whistler, read to me and platform alteration.

The edges, a hunt and gathering.

Market food, strange attire and light refreshment.

Nurses, going away and made it.

Bed tea, overheard and hiding.

A mysterious perfume, excuses and spider.

Camp, golden insects and zoom zoom.

Blue, tick and time out.