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Training, necklace and a hug.

Aunt, return and academic.

Swift shadows, cadets and the move.

Wet washing, wild strawberries and laughing baby.

Clouds, end of term and bins on trains.

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A prize, the heartbeat and bath.

Out, reward and mushrooms.

Pink, startle and ready for bed.

At home, pay in and crafty.

Neighbours, the runners and meet me.

Email, needlebook and turn-up for the books.

Elder flowers, sister in law and mushrooms.

Beads, kindness and redress.

Post, distraction and catch-up.

Trick of the light, our books are coming home and earth light.

Hard boiled, uke and skyline.

Hair, back in bed and to the recyling.

Strawberries, maps and history jigsaw.

Screen test, tear and cricket practice.

The errand, bubbles and potting on.

Convenient, trial and wait.

Post, late and fish on a dish.

Tech, water and sit still.

Beans, pavements and Van Gogh.

Wedding earrings, what are the chances and the storm.

Blessed cool, Prosecco and air aces.

Bees, in the sun and compost bin.

Safety line, scotties and new twins.

Sandwich, risotto and fledglings.

Domesticated, no cleaning and down the drain.