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Kisses, a few minutes and walking home.

Get out, runaway and bread.

Red and grey, embellished and cheese board.

Rest, balanced and fruit salad.

Explorer, womenfolk and out to lunch.

Word, mild and miniature daffs.

Two sleeps, home early and enhanced.

Early, handprints and identification.

Teenagers, relief and father-son moment.

Round-about, beans and surrender.

Vacuum cleaner, ham and night duty.

Backpack, massage and sleep at last.

Tea, first things first and chipping.

Signed, request and soothing.

Welcome, at the end of the day and Valentine.

Sense of humour, walker and forest.

Lull, not the winners and party bag.

Malt loaf, fish pie and surrender.

Order, baby and white sauce.

That hungry, exhibition and no snow.

Un-alone, riding and finished.

Cold, hiding and what are you doing.

Sleeper, the walk and back under.

The reaction, excellent women and the meaning of bayleaves.

Someone else's task, orange zest and snow is coming.

Sit up, the bins and twins.

Hot chocolate, evidence and come down.

At home, for Alec and two kindnesses.

Analgesic, zapper and cake box.