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Retreat, drosophila and star.

Mixing paint, brushing and box maze.

Handing over, 20 minutes and treat.

Just cleaned, adventure and can't.

Bounce, no animals and happy noises.

Moomins, with you and teleport.

Long shanks, early and fizz.

New app, same talk and my age.

Mix, surprise and achieved.

Kit, a year ago and cake.

Orangey, difficult hour and new colours.

Ghost train, paddling and message.

Careers advice, not hungry and money's worth.

First breakfast, first out and go ahead.

Radio, web and not awake.

Fishmonger, flannels and waterproofs.

Blackberry, snacks and your post, Sir.

Time wasters, different and not a chore.

Our time, professionals and I need a hero.

Downpour, zoologist and orange juice.

Greeted, ripples and play.

Magic numbers, lumpety lump and string.

Help, fill your boots and pudding.

Pansies, fever and not at all stereotyped.

Tidy, stay and tack ripper.

In the freezer, emptying and quiet afternoon.

Over the wall, lamb chops and mystified.

Grounding, swings and toast.

Utopia, ye gods and little fishes and a good swap.

Traveller's tales, why and supper outside.

Dressing, cut and waiting.