Showing posts from October, 2005

PTerry, swing and Frodo lives.

Eyebrow pencil, not alone and howay.

Long way round, voices and viewing.

Soft going, over the park and irresponsible.

View halloo, tally-ho and look out.

Clear up, gush and pink.

Twinkle, find it and in the round.

Your choice, gale and bird.

Zoo, dahhhling and bring it home.

Bold, hilarity and pink entertainments.

Tower, song and melancholy.

Meeting up, mmm and last pages.

My way, behind and sweet chestnuts.

Clearing up, spire and millrace.

Produce, on their way and paint in my head.

Brushing, laid out and village life.

Jumping, spices and feeding time.

Sand, devil and boots.

Resting, boink and micro pingpong.

Open jar, berries and orangutans.

Moos, new way and better eating.

Scots, stairs and luxury.

Long dresses, high steppers and vocalists.

Woof, tally-ho and creamy.

Driven, happy event and bats.

Dusk, the end and floating.

Eclipse, new office and rural.

From the sky, hot tea and full size.

Outlook, pin drop and cheeky.

Found them, room for pudding and log fire.