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Gale, DIY and witches.

What I want, unpacking and Bugs.

Morning tea, revenge and hostess.

Donkey work, gardening and network.

A bit of height, the others and shhh.

Family resemblance, photos and TLC.

Quilt, eggses and Christmas decorations.

My boots, zoned and Christmas Eve in the drunk tank.

Clean teeth, new sounds and in the light.

Parents, butterscotch and pomegranets

Frost, sunlight and aid.

Fogged in, call taker and Chinese whispers.

Driving with Douglas, sunrise and help.

Packing, the wolves are running and meals on wheels.

Greeting, let's party and somewhere to sit.

Teddyboy, cheeky and throw it out.

Long legs, support and pearly kings.

Chocolate, little angels and skis.

Adaptation, can do and when monkeys attack.

Shut eye, hats on and found dog.

Pennies from heaven, biscuits and tea.

Paper patch, challenger and great man.

Wordsmith, something for the weekend and job done.

Fresh gravel, out for a walk and meat.

One more cup of coffee, clearing up and pairwork.

Partytime, fangs for the memory and multi-tasking.

Absorbed, brothers and rewards of industry.

Boys together, agriculture and baking tray.

First man, first tree and music.

Bird's nest, out of the rain and in this together.

Illustration, quiet spot and cookies.