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Bright birds, ditch and vermouth.

Break, writing and focus.

Counting down, shopping bag full of treats and time.

Burns Supper, grand lady and recount.

Litter picker, tea and pizza.

Underwater, scared and run.

Done, hyacinths and trophy.

Runner, match and replace.

Bakers, spring flowers and bought.

Done, Ritter Sport and tab.

Fifteen, west-facing windows and low moon.

Bank, hot water bottle and zine.

Out of the fog, blue/orange and last of the Baileys.

Dawn light, dance and soundscape.

Slip, cave and simile.

Massage, lunch and object.

Below the sun, wash and video of Mark Almond making mince pies.

Stack, sunset and almanac.

Winter scented, bubbles and closed door.

Extra day, pantomime and hat.