Showing posts from December, 2005

Ow, sandwich and The Coral.

Setting out, dessert and male art.

Parallel lines, string bags and b&b.

Softly, birches and TV.

So unfair, overhead and white feathers.

Me first, stories for children and triadic colours.

Glitter, presents and stockings.

Shades, destination and bouncy.

No. 7, taking to my heels and how we laughed.

Longer days, gathering and gifts.

Done it, game and Sara.

Brave girl, Bach and stuffed.

Ray of sun, festive food.

Feed the birds, getting late and party games.

LED, moonlight and festive.

Cake, woods and hairful.

Victory, Christmas tune and value.

Arrival, phew and hanging.

Traveller's tales, hygienic and free.

Reading, washers and apples.

Spicy, absorbed and expedition.

Soggy, veil and chemicals.

Stars, deep blue and toast.

Old saw, blue light and funfair.

Roll on, look out and fry up.

Home, root and lick.

Sunday trading, that's mine and back to summer.

Fast, salesman and jollity.

Delivery, all lit up and choices.

Black and white, box and catch-up.

Warm up, herbs and apples.