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Handover, ohh sparkly and look what I found.

Good morning, shared blossom and over the valley.

Roller, spring scents and marks of achievement.

Apple cake, ears and weekend plans.

Hope, open or shut and fresh start.

Baby, down tools and I've heard so much.

Opening up, transport and all in one go.

Busy, buns and Princess.

Sticky, plums and architecture.

Talking time, droll and what line.

Smoke, dancing shoes and where did that come from.

On the edge, Irish and hot and cold.

Forgive, my room and fairytale.

Provisions, scrubber and that's rock 'n' roll

Bee, escape and pink.

Hand-in-hand, G&T and Rose.

Darling buds, reject and yes you can.

Cake, oh ha ha and fairies.

Cold feet, detective and mystery.

Going green, red meat and Gunnerkrigg.

Vinefruit, shelves and clouds.

One ring, dinner on the go and blue grey.

Timing, basement baby and redolent.

Support, catch-up and fear.

Grunge, bed and contrition.

Two wheels good, in the bag and batter pudding.

Cuff, mint and cleaned.

Customer service, you have them and wonderful flight.

Mechanics, mixers and landscape.

Where are my sunnies, spring is coming and going down.

Red hat, papers and bedding.