About the Roll of Honour

If you've 3BTed on your own site and you're not on the list, tell me, as I love checking out the beautiful things in other people's lives. I will update the list as I discover 3BTers, and 'new' blogs will be mentioned in a post or in the News section.

If possible, tag your 3BT posts to make linking simpler. If your 3BT appears to be a one-off, I will link directly to the post -- let me know if that has changed and I will update.

And if you are feeling particularly technical, send me the RSS feed to your 3BT posts, and I can add your posts to the 3BT feed bundle.

Hardboiled egg, back in line and foxgloves.

1. I hardboiled a few eggs this morning. At lunch, I note that the one Nick is eating has a perfect yolk -- just a little soft. 2. It just t...