About the Roll of Honour

If you've 3BTed on your own site and you're not on the list, tell me, as I love checking out the beautiful things in other people's lives. I will update the list as I discover 3BTers, and 'new' blogs will be mentioned in a post or in the News section.

If possible, tag your 3BT posts to make linking simpler. If your 3BT appears to be a one-off, I will link directly to the post -- let me know if that has changed and I will update.

And if you are feeling particularly technical, send me the RSS feed to your 3BT posts, and I can add your posts to the 3BT feed bundle.

Catalogue, parcel and starlings.

1. Nick brings the Lidl weekly catalogue home at coffee time. We pore over the flimsy pages, examining the coming Eastern European week, and...