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A dress, paneer and bedtime story.

Petits soldats, posh nosh and candles on the cake.

A kindness, a frog and smoke.

Story teller, better with two and read to me.

Taking my time, cheers and I love badgers.

The speaker, time and knitting.

Washing line, angry blond and the soundtrack.

Lady, gentleman and French film.

Thirsty, get back and artichoke.

Bun, a compliment and beyond the call of duty.

Flat day, going nowhere to do nothing and a treat at the end of the day.

Bare hands, traffic and cake.

Runners, linen and biscuits.

In training, sweetheart and frying as usual.

Hurry up, can't get there and a tin.

Got you, work done and snowfall.

Job done, mud on my shoes and to the cinema.

Get out, stuff it in and twice lucky.

Ladder, more light and shining path.

Can't put my finger on it, peeled and all done.

Heart, lippy and Fenella at 30.

While you work, new paper and to do.

Carrots, top slide of beef and tearing.

Red, shut the door and resin.

Loose lid, white and green and my prints.

Let go, light in the snow and my marks.

Ice feathers, drop scones and Larkrise.

Faces behind the footsteps, a task and it's coming.