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Snooze, last rose and yellow soup.

Croquet, victory and chores.

Untwist, united and dressing up.

Blinding yellow, building and wild chickens.

Tasks, autumnals and onions.

In/out, memorabilia and I can.

Hot chocolate, games and puns.

Wild west, I can't hear you and drifting off.

High society, champion and intense chocolate.

Mervyn Peake, artistic licence and little legs.

Shh, autumnals and soup.

Nutting, mushrooms and pictures.

Tech support, coffee pot and blue smoke.

Girls together, faces at the window and Sussex hills.

Service, sisters and settling.

Paddle, peel and warming things.

Cold water, the zone and scenes from the cliffs.

Scrambled eggs, extra time and over the water.

Without even trying, culinary and zoology.

Behind the scenes, noises and chores done.

Foot in the door, calm down and basket case.

Sounds, red and green and clean washing.

White hart, naughty dogs and siblings.

Celebration, dogcart and legend.

Friday talk, snug and eating while you read.

Lost and found, sophistication and cafe society.

Computer says no, a moment's peace and heat vampire.

Growing up, puff and crumpets.

Scrunch, peace at last and smirk.

Poplar trees, dogs and gameplay.

Alien heads, bride, spectators, night scents, is she here, chatelaine, forbidden fruit, Latina and finery.