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Green vines, drums and music.

Yellow cards, summer bearer and rough leaves.

Here today..., thieves and seeds.

Run, how did that get there and fetch.

Fixing a hole, sacred dog and running repairs.

Blue, ginger and mauve.

Drops, covering and island life.

Home making, breakfast and hot meal.

Equipment, stop me and buy one and quiet evening in.

Mmm, smile and I never meant that.

Mementoes, studio and happy days.

Tall tales, bluebells and job done.

Speculation, fewer worries and small person.

Hot pink, nesting and Tupperware.

Cure, lunch and work time.

London's lungs, cake stand, Patricia and Katie.

Back to bed, my records and job done.

Divine retribution, gods of shopping and aubergines.

Rising sap, open leaves and up the pole.

Shedding a layer, skylarks and herbs.

Bed tea, tap-tap-tap-tap-tap, buffing up.

Little houses, fire and chocolate.

Home sounds, birdlife and bitter almonds.

Running repairs, floating away and into the past.

To do, closing and box of chocolates.

Delivery, lunch and signs of spring.

Light, treasure and distance.

No-where to hide, locate and pile of stones.

Moss, heather and finding food.

Application, sparkles and exploring.