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They know me too well, follower of fashion and right time.

Window cleaner, sofa and hands.

Surface mail, loose change and total recall.

Anne Worboys, working together and three books.

Sweetmeats, gossip and drops in a row.

Many hands, mud and my people.

Small person, bridesmaid, creatives, rain, gathering and sacrifices.

Fruit, R&R and aged Ps.

Linden, root vegetable and Red Dwarf.

Crispies, flowers and celebration.

Green acres, nightwatch and after the storm.

Cakes, bookman and scutter.

Father, foliage and tycoon.

TV time, older brother and strawberry.

Hols, teahouse and jazzman.

Chip, break and rain.

Last page, ginger tom and nougat.

Dribble, water and not alone.

Dress code, pigment and to err is human.

One way, sign this and refuge.

Eye wear, artistic date and green vegetables.

Changeable, bobbies on bicycles and street life.

Spatter, sweet things and Wales.

To wake the dead, click and lady of leisure.

Yellow tassles, waves and laundry.

Friendly face, tale told and light in the window.

Clang, clatter and Skara Brae.

Try and try again, copy, pattern recognition and bricks.

Speech, creamy and pirates.

Tappity-tap, beans and open the door.