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Plan, company and light reading.

Call, next book and shut off.

Patience, paint and comic novel.

Out of the dark, mind how you go and floating island.

Routine, timer and map.

Anniversary, willows and clotted cream.

Delivery, visitor and orange slice.

Little dog in a hurry, brighten and stars.

Planning, declutter and toast.

Sympathy, new gadget and headlines.

Tiny stars, birch leaves and bottle of wine.

Going, light and my turn.

Avoid, open a blank document and geranium.

Wake, new edit and please buy books.

Shattered, research and pitta pizzas.

Omelette, in the front garden and seeds.

Fog, photo and herbal.

Sweetpeas, clandestine and letter M.

Sun, dyed and podcast.

Back, not quiet and probably not boxing but I'm not sure.

Cook, gardener and mud.