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High, light and pennies.

Special guest

Laundry, Chinese and blow.

Bird, sweets and TV.

Hot water, letters and lotus.

Huh, pop and glass.

Return, parcels and greenery.

Cannon, masked man and chill.

Tidy, burdens and eggs.

Twinkle, tart and laundry.

Red and white, prepared and warmer.

They shut the road through the woods, table and terror.

Hanging around, grasshopper and salt fish.

Bread, fun and sweeties.

Falling, easy food and

Book, doves and citrus

Legend, bowl and mentor.

Caught on the wind, verses and crocus.

Bread and butter, winter gathering and timing.

Light, offspring and lady of leisure.

Completion, let go and warmth.

Float away, flaneur and look.

Orange, engrossed and victory.

Countdown, architecture and gate.

Settle down, spices and covering pages.

Tones, tin and fry up.

Sing, sharing and stroll.

Where is everyone, it works and garnish.

Look where you're going, ooh egg and bug in rug.

Cousins, proposal and needle.

BBC, sparkle and camphor.