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Cleaning the fridge, follower and oranges in caramel.

Lights,don't mess with me and hairwash.

Fever, striped and book in the bath.

Cold gold, furoshiki and an education.

Your chocolates, the hill and thunder.

Purple bubbles, the bird and port of call.

Stocking up, angel and red hats.

Sibling rivalry, butchers and Antarctica.

Pine, supermarket and sponge pudding.

No trains, sandwiches and cardamom

To do, thaw and treatment.

Albums, closed book and epic journey.

Off work, winter sun and town under snow.

More work, lunch break and heavy snow.

First snow, hot potato and Christmas show.

Still asleep, warm light and Christmas spirit.

Rain in the sun,cold hands and put them away.

White towels, man with a flan and candlelight.

Brick, the finding and marble.

I got the words, Anna and end of the week.

Round the parish, work fast and together.

Early delivery, in the mist and sketch.

Dumpling, sandwich and decorations.

Doughball, can't wake up and my evening.

Long light, jam turnover and soda.

Handover, aid and the pub.

Filing, brilliant and to boldly go.

Worry, on the pavement and sabrage.

Loyal few, soundproof and sound in my pocket.

Cyclamen, myself and coming home.

Boxes, art and bread.