Showing posts from June, 2004

Clouds, plans and ownership.

After dinner, coneys and lime blossom.

Social whirl, sunny afternoon and all ready.

Light reading, slow road and walkingstick.

More sunflowers, potatoes to die for and a little bit of love.

Architecture, sky and tea for three.

Consider the lilies, clatter bones and camping.

Roses, flowers and drinking stars.

Midsummer, nice cup of tea and home comforts.

Timing, toad, patience and a rainbow.

Cleaning, freakshow and the benefits of adulthood.

Florals, mystery and golden flowers.

A handbag, more post and finally filling the fridge.

Fish out of water, little birdies and ouch.

Mmmm, growing things and a forgotten treasure.

Park life, secret package and my notebook.

Hands and knees, perfect day and looking up from below.

Witchcraft, food and burning logs.

Possibly a dream, undies and outerwear.

Stroll in the park, I'll eat what I like and a shaming addiction.

In demand, cheeky pint and cheating housewife.

Missives, leaves and three vases.

Speedwell, under the greenwood trees and out of the sun.

Reasons to love a hangover, little conkers and twin Peakes.

Men of letters, artificial additives and a well-placed invitation.

Passion, vodka and musical thrills.

Stingers, ice cream and noodles.

Flashback, fancy seeing you, what a picture.

Summer rain, something to eat and a plate of cake.

Sound engineering, blue & green and a weather phenomenon.