Showing posts from April, 2006

Quest, laundry and cheering.

Pink dog, fourth emergency service and assimilating.

Humour, derelict and home at last.

Reminder, violets and little angel.

Down the rabbit hole, spring flowers and ham.

Out of the way, excuse our appearance and path.

Out to breakfast, magic food and spot the difference.

Recall, pictures and canine capers.

Poem boy, over the hill and time to spare.

Adventurer, ping and procrastination.

Open mouth, star flowers and postbox.

Peachy, to the door and what the Romans did for me.

No money, lunch stop and moving as one.

Washing arrangements, a room of my own and tidy woods.

Ospreys, family photo and communal eating.

Breakfast for two, released and steamtrain smell.

Real words, nurses are human too and jazz.

Inspiration, cafe set and my opinion.

Somewhere to put things, all the way home and just what I wanted.

Independent, spring snow and bridge.

Witch, carnivore and snowfall.

Drag, starting early and Green Wing.

Back-up, bars and reassurance.

Witch, key and cutting up.

Tweet, well travelled and Katie.

Bearing up, no cooking and longer days.

Breathe in, chugging along and homely things.

Lost, bathroom and neighbours.

Seen and not heard, me first, trail blazer and housesitter.

Thank you, mountaintop and coming home.