Showing posts from September, 2004

Figs, hovering and grapes.

Herbs, bathing and in the sand.

Morning coats, fluttering and caerulean.

Sweet winds, exotic groceries and stones.

Treasure, old lady and mandorla

Early, naughty dogs and sleepy.

Bits of paper, hammers and belle helene.

Tall trees, 20:20 and pudding.

Grey, all done and warm bones.

Washing day, veggies and just passing.

Family, ice & lemon and homecoming.

Purse, damp and cookies.

Harbour, swing and quiet.

Reunion, winter wardrobe and vin blanc.

Doggy, chickens and shadow.

Grandeur, oil and manners.

High seas, strange vegetables and rescue.

Deshabille, conversion and workshop.

Sleeping alone, key and memory.

Kites, make-do and fungus.

Legs, travelling light and spindle.

Automaton, fairy tale and between two roses.

As above, sky sheep and bitter bind.

Leaves, defensible and unusual colours

Jousting, lumberjack and inland sea.

Arrival, tick tock and chocolate.

Westies, purple and de-mob happy.

Dogs, infants and music.

BBs, cyclamen and world domination.

Path, radio and DIY