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Salt, frost and post.

Beads, threads and last thing.

The ribbon, making friends and blue star.

Still working, paint and bedsocks.

Ill, the picture and a book

The fairytale, an answer and ladybirds.

It'll do you good, tea and brandy butter.

From the other side, lunch and I'm going home.

New walk, going out and a message waiting.

Not catching the sunrise, clothing and doing it.

50 golden years, adding to the family and a transformation.

Silence!, lunch in the bag and a mystery

Freedom, on foot and the parcels.

Sunrise, at the Post Office and grown marvels.

Growing up, extra present and Nepali.

Better, hot food and celebration cake.

The day before, sleeping in and having my way.

Your wish is my command, space and desert.

Strange sky, not walking to work and busted.

More sleep, cucumber and sleeping companion.

Hot drink, endless supplies and more vanilla.

Cure, hot drink and immersion.

The return, planet rise and a laugh.

Baubles, new look and a good dinner.

Wise words, soldiering on and what might have been.

Soundtrack to a nap, vegetable dyes and an achievement.

Foul weather, a small drama and creature.

Fingers, faff and safe.

The first time, night sky and dinner away.

The cold, hot food and a pat on the back.

Running repair, stocking filler and baked apples.