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Ow, sandwich and The Coral.

Setting out, dessert and male art.

Parallel lines, string bags and b&b.

Softly, birches and TV.

So unfair, overhead and white feathers.

Me first, stories for children and triadic colours.

Glitter, presents and stockings.

Shades, destination and bouncy.

No. 7, taking to my heels and how we laughed.

Longer days, gathering and gifts.

Done it, game and Sara.

Brave girl, Bach and stuffed.

Ray of sun, festive food.

Feed the birds, getting late and party games.

LED, moonlight and festive.

Cake, woods and hairful.

Victory, Christmas tune and value.

Arrival, phew and hanging.

Traveller's tales, hygienic and free.

Reading, washers and apples.

Spicy, absorbed and expedition.

Soggy, veil and chemicals.

Stars, deep blue and toast.

Old saw, blue light and funfair.

Roll on, look out and fry up.

Home, root and lick.

Sunday trading, that's mine and back to summer.

Fast, salesman and jollity.

Delivery, all lit up and choices.

Black and white, box and catch-up.

Warm up, herbs and apples.

Best bits, diagonal and new threads.

Oils, visas and dumplings.

Brew, complete and bundle.

Photographer, dryer and afternoon tea.

Tables turned, something for nothing and romance.

Woolly, greeters and still.

Hot air, discard and berries.

Patter, pool and news.

Fairytale, crunchy and flowers.

Green things, turkey cock and selfless.

Supergeeks, bump and conversation stopper.

Mod cons, woodsmoke and social divide.

Icing, comrade and cutting.

Stalks, goo and voices.

Warm hands, herd and Mr Moon.

Green road, autumn sunset and stars.

Geisha, salmon and dog.

Seeking, quitter and extras.

Inside, trim and film.

On a string, slattern and snooze.

Low sun, orange and coffee.

Frills, fungus and critters.

Running water, catch of the day and family history.

Slice, smooth and teapot.

Early, sparkly and ravenous.

Gale, cupboard love and looker.

Blowing, gumboots and comfort.

Glee, dream cake and life skill.

Spice, creepy camp and clay.

On the map, swoosh and over the wall.

PTerry, swing and Frodo lives.

Eyebrow pencil, not alone and howay.

Long way round, voices and viewing.

Soft going, over the park and irresponsible.

View halloo, tally-ho and look out.

Clear up, gush and pink.

Twinkle, find it and in the round.

Your choice, gale and bird.

Zoo, dahhhling and bring it home.

Bold, hilarity and pink entertainments.

Tower, song and melancholy.

Meeting up, mmm and last pages.

My way, behind and sweet chestnuts.

Clearing up, spire and millrace.

Produce, on their way and paint in my head.

Brushing, laid out and village life.

Jumping, spices and feeding time.

Sand, devil and boots.

Resting, boink and micro pingpong.

Open jar, berries and orangutans.

Moos, new way and better eating.

Scots, stairs and luxury.

Long dresses, high steppers and vocalists.

Woof, tally-ho and creamy.

Driven, happy event and bats.

Dusk, the end and floating.

Eclipse, new office and rural.

From the sky, hot tea and full size.

Outlook, pin drop and cheeky.

Found them, room for pudding and log fire.

Rain coming, B&J and apple pie order.

Breakfast, froggies and knight of the road.

Bags, wilderness and barman.

Parental units, free cup, our song, tasting, blowing in, discard, going alone and crickets.

Bronzes, look at the lights and what's left.

Pineapple, vine and running dogs.

Cocoa, temperature and Rich's car.

Suitcase, old boy network and patterns.

Gossomer, access and bag.

Psychic, crossing paths and Alison Lapper and a guest.

Cake, geek and cypher.

Those Magnificent Men, meat and green bobbles.

Blue sky, love affair and ting.

Up and down, stroll and egg whites.

Jam, taut and progress.

Seeds, mash and remember.

Warm, plums and pink tea.

Tee hee, sitters and boing.

Public, images and cut.

Free cake, head and warm hands.

Out back, visitors and happy days.

Cherry, almonds and discovery.

The de Grey Birch method

Burnt sugar, pink wine and familiarity.

Take a bow, naked ladies and sherry.

Daily walk, undertaker and warm weather.

Lost to view, newtling and pink.

Spinny chair, tales of Peru and Holly

Little birdies, two wheels and gumshoe.

Flutter, cruet and silver balls.

Catch up, take that and it really works.

No work, summer fruit and book buying.

Thistledown, leap and accompaniment.

Regular, cobs and warmth.

Recovery, he slays himself and bitter sweet.

Green, Nurse Matilda and Charlie.

Words, shivers and fungus.

Validation, from sun to shade and harvest.

Falling, hot drink and clean linen.

Watering, strange smells and the names of colours.

Jackets off, Mediterranean and way out west.

Tipping down, little people and thinking of Anna.

Being fed, girls and slightly concerning.

All change, princesses and warmth.

Race that knows Joseph, secret garden and rolling rock.

Foamy, ginger and manners.

Hot chocolate, all aboard and gardens.

Yellow, little doggies and what can that terrible crunching and clatter be?

Tummy fat, apples and thinking of Rich.

Meat, apples and gourd.

Singed bread, hey Mr Postman and needles.

Webs, beans and crimp.

Orange, pudding and wild food.

Little zoo, cake and tee hee.

Toms, sneaking in and flicker.

All in, blueberries and washed.

Little blue, crossing and olives.

Mmm tasty, watching me watching you and fungus.

Chocolate, vapours and banged grains.

Tears, fly and right all along.

Games, words and chips.

Blue-grey, luxury and after hours.

Here's how, ash and space.

Caffeine, DD and editing.