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The city, strike and chocolate.

Idle chatter, big thoughts and knight of the road.

Roman gumshoe, child alone and complete.

Out, marching order and cake.

Pain relief, nice try and mot juste

Challenge, TV and domestic bliss.

Snow day, lighting effects and first shoulder stand.

I don't remember, dragons and hot drink.

Getting dressed slowly, magnetism and simile.

Comfort, order and a good meal.

Google, spectacle and smoke-free.

Obstacle, period features and home comforts.

Fragment, fruit and travel plans.

The sleep, empty day and a novel.

Ensemble, go go go and brainstorming.

Light of day, resolved and dancing.

Success, Chinoiserie opulence and good triangle.

Guests, freedom and apprentice.

Cocoon, zap and nosy neighbours.

Flying fingers, middle stone age and housemate.

Wuthering, EVP and knitting.

Lady of leisure, yellow bill and scripts

Duck, new book and chocs.

Providing, how long and reconnected.

Snooze, sunshine and fairy tales.

Praise, forgiven and make contact.

Squabble, last sale of the day and missing one.

Polished leaves, permission and woolwork.

Spotty, green leaves in winter and glorious mud.

Flip, angels and watchers.