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Wildlife, helpline and dinner.

Multitasking, work food and treat.

Welcome, my place and messing about in boats.

Pressing, passing and puzzles.

Excuses, fruit and galvanise.

Sesame, new hair and salt and sweet.

White stuff, choc-ice and in a box.

Pink whizz, shooting up and shout and shake.

The album, labour saving and happiness.

Read on, file and an evening.

Six weeks, up front and a place to go.

Occupied, examination and sky matters.

Not going far, my toy and coriander.

Scribbles, easy on and profligate.

For a rainy day. pride and white noise.

New view, knight in armour and pink roses.

Leave-taking, it goes this way and girl's night out.

The room, paint and anticipation.

Tiny lines, salvage and very big meringue.

Aerial, the ring and the tower.

Specks, hairy beast and ice ships.

Colours of fruit, stuck inside and summer hours.

Big red, victory is mine and licence fee.

A distraction, a moment of sunlight and can't stop.

Goals, try again and letting go.

Confiscation, disordered eating and wellies.

Shop talk, rolling and dragons.

Contacts, cooking and evening do.

Delayed pleasure, a changed cat and homegrown.

Sleep, clouds parting and my generation.

On the line, uniform and that really is the way to do it.