Showing posts from July, 2005

Blue-grey, luxury and after hours.

Here's how, ash and space.

Caffeine, DD and editing.

Low cloud, less travel and social conscience.

Willows, piebald and indulgent.

Wet, stars and Lark Rise.

Moving up, lair and monks.

Bread not bombs, books and ink.

Numbers, nibbles and lift.

Gadget, flag and Mother Hubbard.

Zoom, purple and dinner at last.

Best of Now, greys and Star Wars.

Wordplay, awe and salon.

Feeding, job done and artists.

Red, midges and duties.

Post, tickets and absorbed.

Class, off the train and got to tell you.

Stone, rice and sweet.

Pennies from heaven, journey and eggses.

Good spot, all together and sleep.

Get out, fairy queen and food.

OJ, sweetpeas and beer.

Castle, manly and contacts.

Stitch, limes and screenplays.

Swish, walk now and I'm all right Jack.

Tourists, courtship and wool.

Pop, con-cen-trate and touch.

I can hear music, comfort and advice.

Whee, juicy and party.

Bedding, water and orange.

Chocolate, ants and music.