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Gold dust, taking over and clap hands.

Compost, cool and mover.

The pilgrimage, one of us and hurrying away.

By the hand, the call and doing it now.

You deal with it, gums and blue fur.

Up, transaction and listening off to sleep.

Walk in the woods, jumping spaniel and pick-up.

The lie-in, blossom tree and talk.

Spiced apple juice, winter purslane and removal.

Spoons, music and conked out.

Rice, two fine ladies and my husband.

Smooth, on the mend and clean again.

Conspirators, Beanies and Copper.

Fond, notebook and flowers.

Going out, artist's house and still cheerful.

Catching up, not an emergency and burnt sugar.

Pater familias, calm again and no coats.

Tale of the Dinosaurs, free senses and wipe my hands.

Sleeping on, green apple and syllables.

Getting out, observing and bees.

Schedule, marvel and stopping a bus.

Advice, small action and mango.

In passing, saved and cheeky.

Broad daylight, poorly boys and mischief.

Exit, diction and not liked.

Bright, prune and care.

Aunt, reluctant gardener and very tired.

Swapping, soon and moral support.

Call for help, the right thing and chicken pox.

Lamps, familiar faces and moas.

Patient, running ahead and pedalling.