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Lie-in, end of the line and over the wall.

Watching the rain, poached and six month parcel.

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Pull up, look down and let the night in.

Half year, cool contrast and hummingbird

Saffron, dunnock and new threads.

Reading feeding, the wall and coming home.

Patient, drying and home.

Hair, year eleven and weaning.

Honesty box, praise and pottering.

Give us bread and roses, feet feat and cookie sheet.

Celebrate, roses bloom again and understory.

Sit, anticipation and foot in mouth.

All's well, red hat and Poirot.

One on each knee, service and excluder.

Education, first scone and nudey time.

Snuggle, more food and cool air.

Hands full, fingers and shower uninterrupted.

Rowley-powley, from the past and retreat.

Open studios, have a go and everything stops for tea.

To the door, working time and less urgent.

Out with the babies, supplies and go to sleep.

Early start, new carrots and paper cuts.

Priorities, screen time and early to bed.

Making the best of it, after rain and insects.

Standing up game, to us and angry.

Late sleeper, short films and revolver.

Off my chest, kindness of strangers and gingerbread wife.

Asparagus, dog and plants in pots.

Elder flowers, meringues and cake stand.

An honour, roses and rain.