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Change in the weather, The Simpsons and cooking asparagus.

What's so funny, sign of spring and a whole lot of dodgy dealing.

The sun reveals all, the garden and magnolia.

Blackbird, orange socks and telling.

Bread pudding, paper cuts and re-potting.

Aranjuez, a few moments in the sun and not washing up.

Rowan tree, logo and St George's day.

Lime time, nap and moving garden.

Seeds through the post, playwright and bird feeder.

Succession, wallflowers and game on.

Interview, lunch in the park and

Tribal roar, raspberry and new moon.

Wake up, nesting and blossom.

The walk, pushing out and the hosepipe.

Right tools for the job, gothic novel and the revue.

Working day, what's going on here and mint.

Busy-busy, expedition and the final wonder.

Seeds, theatre and new leaves.

Down the hill, smoked salmon sandwich and end of the series.

Putting the bed back together, pizza and Beast Below.

So below, drying out and work harder.

Lettuce, decorated and Dover sole.

Pink sky, blackbird and cherry blossom.

Seedling, the week's work and waiting for me.

Suck, simnal cake and sofa bed.

Remember, gentleman callers and our neighbours.

Swimming reindeer, Kingdom of Ife and lady detectives.

Thermal socks, queuing in the chippie and your usual.

Stop, a treat and good work.

Embroiderer, sugar bowl and jeans.