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View, downhill and waiting.

Fan theory, bath and phone conversation.

Crossover, more important and talk.

Morning walk, piper and Burns Night.

Snow day, lap and origami.

Birdsong, contact and early bed.

Meal plan, sharpen and dark blue undersheet.

Tea, shut and chart.

Independence, pigeon and pictures.

Hazelnut milk, wet woods and rest.

Small world, new oven and radio.

Interruption, snowdrops and crumpets.

Full notebook, new book and remembering a detail.

Walk, group and novella.

Lego, freezing fog and inventory.

Walk, dinner and changing the bed.

Revelation, printer and tax return.

Musical beds, homefront and decorations.

Almond biscuit, easy meals and announcement.

Gingerbread, hideaway and Marnie.