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Solemn, stripping off and Going Postal.

Found, the house and Lark Rise.

Preparation, regular work and gluing.

Sparrow boys, breath out and not worrying.

Who is he, another nap and last of the cupcakes.

Expert, for us and game on.

Song, sun screen and the house.

Lesson planning, anniversary and tulips.

Open air, laburnum and robin.

The buyer, pink flask and sleeping baby.

Figaro, buttercup and sea spinach.

Afternoon off, gardens and brightened.

Good morning, chocolate and going to bed.

Butterfly, new angle and a holiday.

Sticky, evening in and stitch over.

Adjustment, acting and lanterns.

Beech, viewing and evening gardening.

Waiting, sandwich and seeing.

Lunch, tickets and the sketch.

Wake up, seed and half asleep.

Second chance, batteries and new coat.

Mystery book, Hell's Belles and archaeology.

Biscuit, work and pizza.

Tidy up trick, pay cheque and haircut.

Dustmen, not a baby and wait for me.

On the fence, up the hill and The Winslow Boy.

Switch off, caper and oatcakes.

Things change, dry spot and chocolate.

Heroes, water and riverside.

After the rain, in the rain and after the show.

Sausages, mint and last one in.