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Apples, nuts and running.

Pip pip, crumble and broadcasting.

Rain, smoothie and sardines.

Herbs, mollusc and skyline.

Romance, family scene and geek and some other stuff.

Hill top, farewell and puppetry.

Scarlet, nibble and stalks.

Chips, beauty spot and listening.

Psychotruck, caramel and rolling.

Coffee pot, wolf and wallpaper.

Homely, crime solving and relief.

Knights, goths and kisses.

Zap, pizza and inspiration.

Fire, praise and help.

High-maintenance, sporting chance and fruit in foil.

Sure, labour saving and ticked off.

Fruit, schemes and film.

The morning after, right price and cleaner.

Zone, paintwork and let me buy you a drink.

Gameplay, horseplay and found.

Shadows, remote and fruit.

Dried fruit, aliens and drink.

Buzz, chackle and no more ice.

Tea in the morning, ballast and sit back.

Falling water, quiet roads and way through the woods.

Garden, dressing up and too-rah loo-rah lay.

Ponies, weekenders and picked up.

Canadian, open source and oi.

Lives of bees, beans and a lesson.

On wheels, practical and embellishment.

Over there, passing the time and black teeth.