Showing posts from October, 2007

A mission, the light and lanterns.

To do, monster in the woods and the game's afoot.

Red room, ready to eat and satin and leather.

New shoes, a kiss and it's growing.

That smells good, a meeting of minds and something to laugh about.

Fruit, come back and sitting together.

Window, this is me and very amusing.

Rime, a good scratch and hot feet.

Warming up, recordings and supper.

The castle, a sleep and co-ordination.

Decorations, look what I can do and a good match.

Mist, last of the sunny days and kitten.

Away you go, winding and a spooky tale.

Clothes parcel, traditional food and that's out of the way.

Jumping through hoops, all done and sound of pleasure.

Autumn leaves, come and see and this is how it's going to be.

A voice, people's palace and pudding.

Arms of Morpheus, love across the ocean and competition.

All's well, satisfaction and tight circles.

The light, autumn leaves and sweep.

Apple, waking dream and Chinese acrobats.

All in a cup, two's company and a phone call.

Kitchen miracle, and now for something completely different and a little order.

Art for real, streets of London and getting what I want.

Two of us, deep purple and on the turn.

Yes dear, splat and bookworm.

By phone, wild chickens and red white green.

Small treats, some grip and familiar face.

Baby talk, homecoming and where we will live.

Well sprung, marvellous and how am I doing?