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Left behind, invoices and reading.

Slow, caterpillars and sticky.

Melon, table time and orchids.

Bramble flowers, very slowly and butterflies on their way.

Scent, cricket and gardening in the dark.

Light work, mould and time.

Uke, ghost stories and lyrics.

Sweetpeas, woodlice and enough.

Rain coming, old books and the shout.

Alarm, watering and books.

Beans, parcels and four.

Waffle, lawn and handover.

Eclipse, cod and reading.

Voice acting, sky and target.

Mushrooms, pinks and time to read.

Inset day, our friends and children.

Pancakes, dog and seaside portaits.

Geese, on the water and pignuts.

Check-in, every sparrow and shushi.

Lollies, weeding and comedy.

Early, shopping and kebabs.