Showing posts from September, 2008

At speed, filling up and ginger.

Tea, past the window and warmth.

Even before breakfast, finding history and a maze.

Dipper, in at the window and unpacked.

Reboot, charcoal and Hilary.

Wet woods, hall light and a picture.

Band, prize lemons and pink clouds.

Point, prints and push.

Autumn comes, off the line and chore.

For a public place, to bed and the belly button.

Red-green, here she is and paid for.

Once there, space and filling paper.

Blue sky thinking, books away and chocolate cake.

Gingerbread, bundle and man about the house.

Out of my hands, mushrooms and feet.

Ferns, incense and Anna.

One, two and three.

Greeting, amble and apples.

Gourds, story and dinner.

Frenchman, free fireworks and ferns.

Fire, living rough and staving off the inevitable.

Back to bed, first lesson and window.

Decorating, I shouldn't have to say this and larva.

Coffee pot, rice and haircut.

Rowan tree, bright and soup.

Looking out, greens and luxury.

Moving, compliment and home.

Strawberries, a pair of hands and communication.

Flag day, a good pair of hands and nutrition.