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Face to voice, new person and white knight.

Signature, victory and shut out the light.

The return, the arrival and the count.

Fruit cup, dancing spawn and lines.

Quiet man, kit and time travellers.

Treasures of the east, the candle burns the string and flying.

Scarlet, it's happening and harvest.

What are you doing, fixing the news and ten little piggies.

Looking back, daily achievements and chocs.

Blue-grey, slow down and Indian food.

Bevvies, tea for me and channel hopping.

Wheels, two roses and teapot.

Exam fuel, breaking up and civilisation.

Stay dry, headgear and carving.

Falling water, snake and fish head.

Woodwork, cleanliness and radioactive badger.

Sparks, roots and starry night.

Green sticks, cords and shelter.

United, my room and fitting in.

Collecting eggs, tools and late supper.

Shoe mystery, collie and dreamer.

Hay bales, greeting and family life.

Morning after, book buyer and beans.

Marmite, pudding and cheek to cheek.

Whistler, read to me and platform alteration.

The edges, a hunt and gathering.

Market food, strange attire and light refreshment.

Nurses, going away and made it.

Bed tea, overheard and hiding.

A mysterious perfume, excuses and spider.

Camp, golden insects and zoom zoom.