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Forgiven, in the trolley and while I was sleeping.

Some lengths, through the roof and poodle.

Dachshunds, the unreasonable list and not leftovers.

The right people, chasing you and blanket.

Coming down, no judgement and roasted pepper.

Mummy knee, flowers and the nap.

Parsnips, compost and out of the bed.

Against a grey ground, entertainment and go to sleep.

Playing, in the fog and new house.

Enacting, well played Bill and merchandise.

Flour, goodbye and clear.

Hungry day, chestnut purée and Marjorie Daw.

Childcare, boundaries and making marks.

Ginkgo, circling geese and requests.

Cuddly days, joy and a better place.

Safe, goldfinches and sympathy.

Leaving, soup and peeling pears.

Book queue, afternoon nap and messy play.

Mushrooms, copy-editing and character.

The game, bugs and turning blue.

Not a wagtail, quiet and marvelling.

Tidy, overdressed and the other last biscuit.

Tank, distracted and toast.

Wooden railway, the day we caught the train and spectators.

Getting breakfast, imitation and small hours.

Local paper, rat heap and hot sour soup.

Working from home, soothing and at leisure.

Conkers for spiders, snacks and farewell.

Run, sour and new character.

Porridge for breakfast, naming of names and another step forward.

While you were sleeping, making my day and domestic god.