Showing posts from August, 2004

Love gift, palm and knives.

Beer, jelly and fennel.

Imaginary coffee, shopping and jelly.

Rain, fish and sports.

Acquaintances, milestones and drink.

Jam, baking and crumble.

Adonis, Cos and siblings.

Joinery, carrots and aniseed.

Nursery, Romans and pink.

Generous gardener, ummm and talk.

Hometown, shopping and darkness visible.

Red, other people's friends and whistles.

Couture, water and ursa major.

Up, falling and cake delivery.

Old friend, come home and miz-maz.

Brekkie, cocktail and confection.

Boats, banners and bubbles.

World at your feet, tee hee and nightcap.

Surf's up, mint leaves and chatty.

Go mango wharf, dark clouds and mousie.

Juice, origami and hairwash.

Ill, red meat and lost love.

Lost, ocean and lollies.

Going back, bouncing light and pink shoes.

Twenty minutes, plantlife and haircare.

Pink, sparkly and a fight.

Dog, return and travel.

No more snot, little birds and essential oils.

Amble, little drops of water and shop talk.

Lucky find, pride and dust.

Green and scarlet, a kip and little pigs.