Showing posts from February, 2005

White, tiny bird and outdoor work.

Coffee, smoke and fire.

Loaded, starlight and anemones.

Indoors, goal and bacon.

Tea, blackbird singing and supper.

Snowman, misty and teleworker.

I believe, reclaim the streets and Rose.

Pet, man of steel and food.

Clear, red and green and films.

Miracle, analgesic and red.

Reader, march and grill.

Maggotpies, ring and stories.

Rich, Rich and Rich.

Blush, pineapple and lime.

Pop, pages and lifesaver

Planet, foreigners and boho.

Bacon, strings and slap.

Supercali..., chocolate and shhh.

Footprints, script and going home.

Lunch, flowers and mojo.

Tea, drawing out and good news.

Sunny, feet and time.

Zip, success and quiet.

Pastry, risotto and news.

Cool, purple and May.

Tweet, la-la-light and listening.

Man of letters, beer and organised.

Oh la la, dodo and lazy.