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Kicking off, musical interlude and a strange request.

At the door, talking and chocolate.

Blue sky, all colours and Nick.

Wisdom, a break and cheese.

Bagged, raw food and longing for summer.

Transport, long dress and a suit.

Back to work, dizzy and my ring.

Veils, boing and yes dear.

Caw, nostalgia and a warm room.

Gone, warm and TV.

Surprise, setting of the sun and lost in a book.

Horse sense, jammy dodgers and dancing.

Half for you, a run and conjunctions.

Announcements, foliage and soup.

Message, balloons and presentation.

New year, another fine mess and secret garden.

Too hot, mother and studies.

Disappeared, all mod cons and little mother.

Lines, sploosh and colonisation.

Clean sweep, dirty ears and click.

Free standing, hot weather and camera.

Abandoned, dogs and hack.

Old acres, small and white and division.

Amphibian, raked and blue water.

A good morning, planting and ground cover.

Chooks, leaf and lost bridge.

Station, wait and see and meringue.

Packing, potatoes and best boyfriend ever.

What will the neighbours think, Cinderella and it wasn't so bad.