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Waiting, boys and poorly.

Sleeping in, gap and everything at the same time.

Wintertime, standing around and chips for supper.

Observe, smooth and waiting.

Nothing but dust, toothpaste and Saturn.

Across town, discovery and albums.

Transfer, flock and cake.

Not seeing fungus, tomatoes and buttered crumpet.

Doubled, judge and falling asleep.

Supermarket, lift and prints.

Chart, beckon and snack.

Bored, jackets and experimental.

Rhyme, holly berries and stop.

Wet grass, recall and arnica.

Vulnerable, gracious and smudge.

Sweetpea pods, accepted and clean shoes.

Ginkgo, moon rise and job done.

Mag, pink sky and The Willows.

Morning cuddle, chocolate hearts and favourite.

Collar, bacon and soil.

Not talking, welcome and sky watch.

Break in the weather, a lesson and bag of books.