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Advice, write it and in-laws.

Bath, line of bibs and settling.

Book's in, another Clare and mocha.

Swing, little house and pyramid.

Travellers, observant and maple syrup.

Four years, anniversary gift and swaying.

Get out of here, bargain ball and seeing someone.

Working from home, lunchtime and a windy day.

Seven, lettuce and game.

Festival, mussels and it's a phase.

Forgiven, first film and hill of beans.

Sitting up, our own practice and bun.

Commentary, not a miss and poor Sophie.

Attention-seeking, going on giving and the bathroom.

Water baby, fiction at short notice and reassurance.

PSB, 50s progression and meringues.

Pancakes, two or three handfuls of hair and sub.

Empty beds, unattended and whistling.

Face to face, baby and round number.

Distracted, the future and on the move.

Change of air, the trade and waiting.

Working, simple pleasures and coming home.

Three-in-a-bed, too much of a good thing and oxalis.

A new skill, Emma and saving bacon.

Breakfast downstairs, sweeping up the wisteria and teether.

Compliment, books and carrots.

Produce, transforming and beetroots.

Mulch, scooter and dad.

Kneading, muffins and batter.

Aunt, goldfinches and parenting.

Literature, campaigning and up town.