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Weather eye, from knee height and brotherhood of brides.

What they like doing, first rain and combining colours.

The heat, re-fill and kettle's on.

Got to go, the milestone and story.

Book, bubbles and sofa.

Found you, sharing the line and forces' sweetheart.

Muuu-um, hand-in-hand and apple.

Bottle of jewels, perfickly clean and in the sky.

Task, shake off the dust and chard.

Delivery, ribbons and pearl onions.

At last, cherry colour and post.

Turn it, book exchange and tucked in.

Heavy, pan and potatoes.

Eye-candy, sky tide and sleepy.

Fill, muffins and the night rain.

Doormen, scent of cucumber and birthday books.

Museum pieces, the expert and prescription.

Tea's up, nest and vegetables.

Pine tree, tomatoes and heroes.

Post, blackcurrants and nuns.

Deer, hill and the other half.

Snip, lettuce and spectacle.

No thanks, the runner and lavender.

Rain, wet feet and lime blossom.

Voice, last and hooked.

Free fruit, dog having fun and the allotments.

Not alone, needs some work and teabreak.

The rain comes, scarlet and the gathering.

Bus stop, salad leaves and last class.

Pink milk, diseases and sweetpeas.

Got it done, different inside and red dots.