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Footsteps, chasing and in the pot.

New leaves, whistling and detail.

Pineapple, resting and relief.

Dinosaurs at home, details and grape hyacinths.

Train, in the garden and saying no.

Our time, cleaning out the cupboard and cuddles.

New babies, watching for Granny and a walk in the evening.

Finishing the porridge, tulips and found keys.

Apple, out on the line and nearby.

Before the leaves, our guest and Nick is there.

A good boy, no change and remembering.

Donkey, spider monkeys and out of the wind.

Chickens, derelict and lungwort.

Noticing Alec, looking around and tractor.

Back to bed, bumble bees and sheltered spot.

Borrowing a granny, fan and common people.

Foraging, digger and firefighters.

Between the alarms, working out and I think I see it.

Water, going to sleep and he did want a nap.

Gifts, observing and can't put it down.

Doing his own thing, schedule and in the rain.

Two toddlers, dirty hands and tag team.

Clear ears, run for it and getting better.

The sun comes out, escape plan and sitting out.

Sharing, averting a meltdown and wait until you get home.

Joining in, the right person for the job and easy banking.

Covering, affection and future baths.

Settle down, staying here and cleaning silver.

New face, daze and looked after.

Sharing, taking over and steampunk.