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Like a queen, what is that cat doing and poplar trees.

A difficult customer, the butchers and where's the coffee?

Jeans day, hot coffee and warm food.

Longer sleep, meatballs and Colour of Magic.

Clear day, good cheer and a shower.

Open house, innocent glee and my space.

Feathery weather, warm hands warm heart and the windows.

Snow, chocolate eggs and how to make crackling.

Batten down the hatches, crackling and never start a fight in a Chinese restaurant.

Green day, magic wands and commentary.

Foam, tasks and trousers.

Beautiful day, captive cloud and tiny chocs.

Cheese savoury, Braille and clean floors.

One a penny two a penny, the words come and get out of here.

Workmanship, supplies and best place to be.

In the air, golden box and ground stars.

Adjustment, morning and a lick of paint.

Up the hill, work and rain.

Roller, decorating and lemon.

Bacon, pennies from heaven and the moon.

Glad to be here, wind's dropped and moving the plot.

Squirrel, lunch and games.

Small gifts, top deck and roofscape.

Drizzle, dinner and going down to South Park.

Missing time, walking up and game's afoot.

Snuggling, chiaroscuro and mope.

Spam, nuns and wet flakes.

Eastertide, free sample and sleet.

Flowers, three generations and a good meal.

Sushi, dancing and leeks.

High floor, what I really liked and waiting.