Showing posts from October, 2004

Iron, spies and sparks.

Half awake, problem hair and warm hands.

Speed, snap and snuggle.

First post, chills and cross-stitch charted territory.

John Peel, art and half task.

Biscuits, dinner and sparkly.

Wet, sheep and swans.

Decorate, neighbours and discovery.

Turning year, suck and naughty shoes.

Hocus pocus, beach boy and Boris.

Edged, mild and artistic licence.

Naked garden, dancing lantern and sight.

Shrinking harpy, old star and back in time.

Flip, granddam and moonling.

Drops, might have been snow and crush.

Workmen, trim and language.

Fear, glossy and cheferie.

Shut up, everyone came and filthy lucre.

Wet, lunch and scrawl.

Radiator, strides and gammon and spinach.

Confisserie, careful what you wish for and treat.

Financial diet, Bean there done that, interruptions.

Dark deeds, tree surgery and hallucinations.

Birdie with a yellow bill, communications and findings.

Paint, sophisticates and slam.

Kip, book sale and The Mymble.

Buzz, conkers and tempus fugit.

Aubergines, curled up and green fairy.

First thing, boys and Miss Fix-it.

Yes Rose, breakfast and green.

Witch, fallen civilisation and moonrise.